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Galaxy Media

Digital Heritage

Digital Heritage

Digital Heritage

The solutions developed by GALAXY MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT LLC propose a model of enhancement of the cultural heritage which, by exploiting the potential of the new technologies, can provide the client or the audience with innovative tools and modes to rediscover the historical and artistic heritage. The applications and the contents produced go beyond the simple digitalization of the goods: by combining the modern technologies of gamification and entertainment, it offers amazing and engaging immersive experiences.

Furthermore, the services offered can provide the technical data with which it is possible to reconstruct the conditions of the historical, architectonic and cultural heritage both to plan interventions of programmed preservation or extraordinary restoration, offering supplementary information about the decay conditions of artworks, frescoes, paintings, valuable objects, and to implement energy-saving projects.

The company also deals with interactive projects for schools and educational institutions.


3D Virtual Reality

Immersive experiences

Augmented reality

Exhibit design

Multimedia Museums

Digital Tourism

Video Mapping

Lidar and Photogrammetric surveys


Cinema and Visual Effects

GALAXY MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT LLC is the one-stop company supplying products for the cinema. It is located inside the Studios, a modern structure composed of its own sound stages, equipped with the most advanced technologies available in the market and of spaces and laboratories designed for the activities of video editing, color correction, computer graphics, recording, sound editing and mixing. The company internally oversees the whole production cycle, till the delivery of the product ready to be distributed in the movie theaters.

The Studios are provided with sound stages equipped with state-of-the-art tools and modern departments for production and post-production activities. Here the company oversees the whole production cycle, till the delivery of the product ready to be distributed in the movie theaters. Thanks to the innovative technologies used and the enhancement of the digital production processes, the company is specialized in the reconstruction of virtual sets and in the creation of next generation visual effects.


Sound Stages
Post Production
Visual Effects & Computer Graphics
Rental Service
Event Management



Our purpose is to build solutions that remove barriers preventing people from doing their best work.

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